Target Baseline Value
Name Description Performance Value
7-S Framework Application Example 7 Ss of the 7-S Framework. Learn more about the 7-S Framework: 81%
Hard Ss 0
Strategy What should we do to solve the specified business problem?
Structure What structure do we need to execute this strategy?
System What business system do we need to use or invent to execute the strategy?
Values 0
Shared values Which of our principles help us? Why do we do what we do in the way we do it?
Soft Ss 81% 81
Skills What are the specific skills that will help us? What skills do we need to develop? 92% 92
Training hours 95% 38
Participation rate 95% 95
Exam Score 89% 89
Style What leadership style and cultural qualities will help us to achieve a strategic objective?
Staff How should we help our managers in their growth? 70% 70
Interview candidates 90% 18
Designers interviewed 70% 7