Target Baseline Value
Name Description Performance Value
8 Metrics to Evaluate Entrepreneurial Skills 8 Metrics to Evaluate Entrepreneurial and Management Skills. How engaging is your leadership style in long-term? Based on 53.91% 3.16
Metric 1. Internal team dynamics; 1. Don’t want to do business with this team ever again ... 5. Will name my kids after my business partners 48.9% 2.96
Metric 2. Engage others in helping out with execution; 1. Did it all ourselves … 5. An international movement came together to make it happen 29.5% 2.18
Metric 3. Utilization of public and community resources (space/tools/software); 1. Just used what we had … 5. Multiple community resource holders begged us to come again 59.6% 3.38
Metric 4. Effectiveness of execution and repeatability; 1. We have no idea by what miracle it happened … 5. We can do it consistently and have trained others to do it 38.9% 2.56
Metric 5. Were the customers open to doing more business? 1. Everyone told their friends to run the other way … 5. Lots of referrals and invitations to do more business 85.2% 4.41
Metric 6. Was it profitable enough for the team to want to keep doing it? 1. Not even if this was the only way I could make money … 5. Michael Dell, Bill Gates and the rest of college dropouts got nothing on me 61.2% 3.45
Metric 7. Was everything done to minimize risks? 1. I am just glad we are not dead or in jail right now … 5. Stakeholders, community and environment could possibly be harmed by this project 27.2% 2.09
Metric 8. Does any of this matter in a really long run? 1. In the long run, we are all dead. – John M. Keynes … 5. The impact of this project will matter even after this Universe is no more. 80.8% 4.23