KPI tree preview. Document date 4/28/17
Name Description Performance Value
Balanced Scorecard This Balanced Scorecard Template project will help you to start your own Balanced Scorecard. We recommend to start with defining your strategic objectives and solution (see Business Goals tab), then you can customize strategy map according to your needs (Strategy Map tab). Finally, to track your progress, you can customize KPIs (KPIs tab). This template project is view only. To be able to customize the project according to your needs, you need to open a free trial account with or download a trial version of BSC Designer PRO from 0%
Financial Perspective 0% 0
KPI 1 Customize KPI 1 on KPIs tab 0
KPI 2 Customize KPI 2 on KPIs tab 0
Customer Perspective 0% 0
KPI 3 0
KPI 4 Add more important KPIs to your strategy map 0
Internal Process Perspective 0% 0
KPI 5 0
KPI 6 0
Learning & Growth Perspective 0% 0
KPI 7 0
KPI 8 0