Target Baseline Value
Name Description Performance Value
Brand KPIs and Strategy Template Brand is a perceived value of the product. Learn what KPIs one can use to quantify and measure it on the level of awareness and coherence. Read more: 0
Finance If we satisfy the needs of our customers, what outcomes will our stakeholders see? 0
Ensure long-term financial growth 0
Brand investment, $
Premium Price Metric Strong brand allows setting a premium price, the price that is higher than the competitors with weaker brands. 
Sales Revenue
Customer To achieve our vision, how must we look to our customers? 0
Formulate brand promises for all stakeholders 0
Brand Searches Metric
Backlinks Metric
Direct Traffic Metric
Social Trust Metrics For example, comparison lists presence
Ensure brand coherence 0
Social Engagement Metrics Brand is a lot about emotional engagement, so if your content is getting likes and shares, it’s a good sign. 0
Newsletter Open Rate
Review Metrics 0
Positive reviews
Negative reviews
Returning Customer Metric
Internal Business Processes How are we going to satisfy customer needs and meet financial goals? 0
Map touchpoints with stakeholders
Check alignment between brand promises and actual behaviours
Suggest improvement directions for the team
Learning and Growth How should the company learn and improve in order to achieve its vision? 0
Establish effective brand communication infrastructure
Analyze emerging stakeholder needs
Suggest new skills required to deliver brand promises