Target Baseline Value
Name Description Performance Value
Call Center KPIs A KPI scorecard for Call Center that helps a company stand out, attracting and retaining customers because of positive interactions with clients. Learn more in 88.35% 88.35
Absenteeism 93.67% 93.67
Given 1,000 person call center, 110 of them aren’t even in their seats to help callers 93.67% 93.67
An agent's time 'logged in' 98.33% 59
Annual absence rate 89% 11
Customer Engagement 93.38% 93.38
Callers can sometimes be verbally combative and downright hateful, making it even more stressful. 93.38% 93.38
Abandoned calls 97% 3
Average wait time 93.33% 1
Grade of service Grade of service (through post-call or email surveys) 87.4% 3.62
Conversion rates 95.8% 26
First-call Resolution Rates 78% 78
An agent has to repeatedly send customers to different people to answer questions, the customer experienced begins to deteriorate and satisfaction wanes. 78% 78
First-call resolution rate 78% 78