Target Baseline Value
Name Description Performance Value
Complexity Strategy Complexity is domain- and language-specific. Still there are some typical complexity metrics and strategies to start with. Read more: 92.86% 92.86
Finance If we satisfy the needs of our customers, what outcomes will our stakeholders see? 0
If something looks like too complex, people won’t use it and won’t buy it.
Customer To achieve our vision, how must we look to our customers? 0
Stakeholders of complexity
How do customers perceive complexity?
Internal Business Processes How are we going to satisfy customer needs and meet financial goals? 0
Quick estimation of product complexity 0
# of support specialists per number of clients
# of support specialist per product implementations
Basic complexity metrics 0
Time How long does it take to perform a certain operation
The number of components The number of options to choose from, the number of people to manage, the number of ideas to highlight in the presentation
The number of connections The number of connections between the components.
The number of levels The number of levels to deal with
Shortest message length
Step 4. Apply patches and systematic changes
Learning and Growth How should the company learn and improve in order to achieve its vision? 92.86% 92.86
Step 1. Define stakeholders of complexity
Step 2. Be the customer of your product
Step 3. Find the problem points 92.86% 92.86
Questions asked in the help desk Too many questions about the same topic is an indicator of high complexity 92.86% 5
The number of “hm…” and “aha!” The number of “hm…” and “aha!” during live demo calls