Target Baseline Value
Name Description Performance Value
Diversity and Inclusion A Strategy Template with KPIs for Diversity and Inclusion. Read more: 82.44% 82.44
Stakeholders If we satisfy the needs of our customers, what outcomes will our stakeholders see? 0
Improve financial bottom line
Customer To achieve our vision, how must we look to our customers? 85% 85
Expectations of external customers Satisfying the needs of diverse groups of end users. 85% 85
Qualified leads Qualified leads from targeted demographic groups 76.67% 23
Leads to sales conversion Leads to sales conversion for targeted demographic groups, % 93.33% 2.8
Expectations of internal customers Satisfying the need of diverse partners and suppliers. 85% 85
Supplier satisfaction 80% 80
Supplied compliance index 90% 90
Internal Business Processes How are we going to satisfy customer needs and meet financial goals? 74.7% 74.7
Diversity and inclusion 82.73% 82.73
Gender diversity 96% 48
Education diversity 75% 60
Cultural diversity 110% 55
Employee inclusion index As measured according to the anonymous employee surveys. 70% 70
Length of employment for diverse talent Average length of employment (tenure) for diverse talent. 60% 36
Promotion rate for diverse talents The percent of talents promoted with a cut by diversity dimensions. 118.18% 65
Transparency of hiring
Effective innovations 66.67% 66.67
Innovation engagement and sponsorship index 60% 60
Diversity of ideas sources 70% 70
The number of experiments 66.67% 20
Learning and Growth The skills and the infrastructure needed to make the diversity and inclusion strategy possible. 87.63% 87.63
Adjust governance to support D&I 91.77% 91.77
Representation in the board of directors Diversity of board members. 108% 54
Representation in the hiring roles Diverse talents within the hiring role (doing interviews) as a percentage of total hiring roles. 92.31% 60
Representation in the leadership positions Diverse talents within leadership positions as a percentage of total leadership positions. 75% 45
Diversity and Inclusion Training 83.5% 83.5
Training efforts (budget, time) 93.75% 30
Training participation level 98% 98
The number of complaints reported 80% 2
D&I compliance rate 87% 87