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Name Description Performance Value
Employee Engagement Balanced Scorecard Need to measure employee engagement? Talent management specialist in your organization can use this scorecard as a starting template and track such aspects as employee’s emotional attachment, involvement, commitment. This scorecard is based on the article: 58.54%
Internal Business Processes 75% 75
Resources and Tools Availability Specify the % of resources that employee need for his work and has access to 80% 80
% of ideas from employee reviewed in details 0% 90
% of business tasks introduced via Balanced Scorecard Employee understands what his business goals are, how they are measured and evaluated. 70% 70
% of tasks where performance is evaluated with Balanced Scorecard % of work task where Balanced Scorecard is used to evaluate performance 60% 60
Management If clear and transparent management system is introduced 50.83% 22
% of task with high expertise and involvement % of tasks where employee does what he does best from view point of business outcome 80% 80
Number of recognition received by employee The number of recognition received by employee during the last year 20.83% 5
Number of feedback sent to employee Number of feedback sent by manager to employee per month 12.5% 2
Average response time Average response time of employee to customer or management queries 90% 1
Personal 100% 0.75
If manager ask questions about life of employee outside the company If manager cares about employee as a person 100% 1
If brand of the company is mentioned in social networks If employee mentions company brand in his personal social networks 0.5
Education and Growth 8.33% 26
If manager encourage professional growth Number of times per year manager systematically review employee progress and encourage for professional development 8.33% 2
Employee understands company's mission/vision Make sure your mission provides enough inspiration to your employees and is clear enough for understanding 50