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Name Description Performance Value
Hotel Generic Balanced Scorecard An example of a strategy scorecard that can be used by top managers of a hotel. This scorecard helps to explain to all stakeholders what is your strategy, how this strategy can be executed, and how the performance results can be measured. Use this project as a template and customize it according to the needs of your hospitality business. Read more: 76.76%
Financial Perspective 58.33% 46.5
Average room rate 0% 70
Service Cost per Room 0% 23
Customer Perspective 70% 39.25
Booking website scorecard 70% 8.5
Expert survey, % 70% 70
Internal Process Perspective 90% 90
Rooms according standards 90% 90
Learning & Growth Perspective 87.5% 57.5
Reviews analyzed 95% 95
Factors listed 80% 20