Target Baseline Value
Name Description Performance Value
Hoshin Kanri vs. Balanced Scorecard Using Hoshin Kanri and the Balanced Scorecard frameworks to describe the same strategy. Read more: 0
Finance If we satisfy the needs of our customers, what outcomes will our stakeholders see? 0
Improve financial sustainability
Customer To achieve our vision, how must we look to our customers? 0
Annual objective 1: Focus on the needs of high-paying clients 0
Modify customer support policies 0
KPI 01: Time to respond for high-paying clients
KPI 02: Churn rate for high-profile clients, %
Plan the development of new product features 0
KPI 05: Time to market for new features, days
KPI 06: Marketing budget for the new features, $
KPI 07: Feature/market fit for the new features, %
Internal Business Processes How are we going to satisfy customer needs and meet financial goals? 0
Annual objective 2: Achieve excellence in product training 0
KPI 03: % of functions with up-to-date video tutorials
Annual objective 4: Optimize business processes 0
KPI 08: Improvement ideas suggested quarterly
KPI 09: Processes with optimization plan, %
Learning and Growth How should the company learn and improve in order to achieve its vision? 0
Annual objective 3: Test and implement innovative ideas 0
KPI 04: Innovation pipeline performance according to the scorecard