Target Baseline Value
KPI tree preview. Document date 2/3/17
Name Description Performance Value
HR Balanced Scorecard KPIs The Balanced Scorecard for HR focuses on the most useful KPIs. 42.48%
Hire 60.83% 30
Time to find required number of qualified candidates Learn more about this KPI in the article: 91.67% 30
Yield Ratio, % (Number of leads from recruitment method / Number of candidates invited to interview) x 100%. Read more: 30% 30
Training and development Learn more about HR Training KPIs: 29.67% 13
Time reduction achieved, % If the goal of the training was to do something more effectively or simply faster, then you might track it by a KPI. Learn more about HR Training KPIs: 12% 12
Cost reduction achieved, % If the goal of the training was to do something in a more effective way then you might track direct cost reduction, which is result of the training. Learn more about HR Training KPIs: 2% 2
Return problems rate, % The KPI is applicable where the problem is clearly defined and linked to the final result. By the way, a repeated problem is one of the negative drivers of customer loyalty. If you will be able to decrease this number, you’ll make your customers happier. Learn more about HR Training KPIs: 75% 25
Performance improvement, % The KPI must be linked to a specific performance index. For sales people it might be the number of sales generated, for a copywriter it might be readers to leads conversion. Learn more about HR Training KPIs:
Improved qualification/skills results, % The KPI is applicable only to these training where actual qualification/skills are measured, not just the facts studied in the training. Learn more about HR Training KPIs:
Loyalty 80% 20
High performers turnover, % Turnover rate for the high performance employee. Read more: 80% 20
Employee Engagement Index, % The measurement of the employee engagement index was described in ; a separate Balanced Scorecard is available for an engagement.
Finance 15% 150
Talent’s ROI to Improve All HR KPIs Learn more about using this KPI: 15% 150
Productivity 21% 210
Revenue per FTE employee Formula: (Total revenue / The number of FTE employees) x 100. Read more: 21% 210
Popular KPI, that are however NOT recommended 48.35% 770
Time to fill - not recommended As explained in it is recommended to use "Time to fine required number of qualified candidates". 91.78% 30
Cost per hire - not recommended Focus instead on "Profitability Per Hire". Excellent article on this topic:
% of high performers 30% 30
Profitability Per Hire
The cost of not filling a position How much money a company lose while the position stays opened 60% 2,000
Applications rejected at the first screening stages What HR activity drives the best quality of applications 70% 30
Average salary per employee by position Process oriented KPI which is not aligned with a business objective 8.33% 2,500
Total cost of workforce, % of expenses 30% 30