Target Baseline Value
KPI tree preview. Document date 11/17/19
Name Description Performance Value
Balanced Scorecard for Nonprofits An example of a Balanced Scorecard for a nonprofit organization. The strategy map and KPIs from this example will help managers of non-profit companies to formulate their strategy and explain it to the stakeholders. Based on the article published at 70.25%
Financial Perspective 75% 75
Stability and Growth 70% 70
Net amount of funds raised 70% 70
Financial donors 65.5%
Support community 80% 80
Service funding 80% 80
Receiving customers
Customer Perspective 65.5% 65.5
Financial donors 65.5% 65.5
Ease of giving index 61% 61
Recognition index 70% 70
Improve operations
Receiving customers 0
Product/Service quality
Community building
Innovations 0
Improve operations 0
Volunteer/staff development
Communications 0
Information processing/communications
Community building
Learning & Growth Perspective 0
Volunteer/staff development
Information processing/communications