Target Baseline Value
Name Description Performance Value
PESTEL Analysis Template The PESTEL analysis template is presented by six perspectives. Inside each of the perspectives, you’ll find some examples that could direct your analysis of external factors. Read more: 0
Political How may government and other political factors impact our organization? 0
Government policies (competition, foreign trade, taxes, etc.)
Political stability
Bureaucracy and corruption
Country’s political climate, pending legislation
Economic What economic trends could have an impact on our organization? 0
Economic growth, inflation rates, exchange rates
Availability of credit, interest rates
Unemployment rates
Purchasing power of consumers
Social What are emerging social and demographic trends? 0
Changes in demographics (age, growth rate, education level, etc.)
Workspace and lifestyle changes
Diversity and inclusion (gender-pay gap)
Technological What technological innovations could affect our market? 0
Emerging technologies (AI, Big Data)
Mobile technologies and infrastructure
R&D incentives
Environmental What ecological aspects influence our business environment? 0
Climate changes, natural disasters
Recycling, CO2 footprint, trends in materials (plastic)
Environmental policies, pollution laws
Corporate environmental responsibility
Legal What changes in legislation could impact our organization? 0
Protection Laws (data, labor, environmental, intellectual property, consumer)
Tax laws
Employment laws
International and trade regulations