Target Baseline Value
Name Description Performance Value
Findings of the PESTEL on strategy map Results of the PESTEL analysis for remote employment trend on the strategy map. Read more: 0
Finance If we satisfy the needs of our customers, what outcomes will our stakeholders see? 0
Financial implications What are the expected impacts on costs? What are the financial benefits of having a distributed team?
Customer To achieve our vision, how must we look to our customers? 0
External customers implications Would customers be affected by shifting to a distributed team?
Employee implications How to keep the remote team engaged and accountable
Internal Business Processes How are we going to satisfy customer needs and meet financial goals? 0
Impact on business systems What business systems do we need to manage remote teams effectively?
Learning and Growth How should the company learn and improve in order to achieve its vision? 0
Impact on HR systems Understand how we can update our talent management systems to find and on-board remote employees effectively.
Legal implications How the intellectual property is regulated in the context of distributed teams