Target Baseline Value
Name Description Performance Value
Remote Team KPIs KPIs for distributed team according to the three stages: finding candidates, earning trust, keeping team happy. Read more: 89.88% 89.88
Three Pillars Three pillars of effective remote team 0
Effective communications
Employee learning skills
Remote Team Performance Find talents globally: evaluate candidates, team onboarding 89.19% 89.19
Stage 1. Find and Test Candidates 85% 85
In full on time deliveries, % 90% 90
Communication index Where 100% - delay communicated before hand, 40% delay communicated on the deadline day, 10% delay is communicated after the deadline. 80% 80
Learning capabilities, % A subjective index that shows how well the person follows the existing instructions and is learning something new. 70% 70
Freelancer-project fit Subjective estimation of the manager: does the new member of the team look like the best person to solve required challenges? 85% 85
Stage 2. Earn Trust, Adjust Communications 88.33% 88.33
Unambiguity of the requirements Can be quantified by famous WTF/page metric. 76% 76
Extra-mile metric Shows how the person worked in stressful situations (solving critical problem in the product, being proactive with possible problems). 70% 70
Trust index metric (as seen by manager) Formed by experience of dealing with freelancer. 80% 80
Trust index metric (as seen by employee) Formed by the impact of the manager’s behaviour on freelancer. 90% 90
Communication style match Subjective answer to the question: “Do we understand each other well?” 95% 95
Remote employee task-related performance, %
Stage 3. Keep Your Team Effective and Happy 94.25% 94.25
Control points (quality, time) implemented 100% 100
Team has challenging tasks 100% 100
Complexity score
Tools and materials availability Software licenses, access to the required tools and internal business systems. 94.5% 94.5
Access to the software licenses 100% 100
Access to the internal business systems 90% 90
Up to date internal standards 95% 95
Regular feedback 100% 100
Turnover rate among top performers 98.5% 1.5
Employee satisfaction rate 90% 90
Task-specific performance metrics
Administrative Challenges Metrics used to evaluate efficiency of administration process 90.56% 90.56
Required legal paperwork Metrics that show that framework agreements were signed to regulate IP rights, NDA, payments. 100% 100
Framework agreement signed 100% 100
NDA agreement signed 100% 100
Time spent on monthly administrative tasks Ideally should be reduced to paying one invoice per month. 75% 75
Invoicing and payments 75% 15
Monthly running costs The costs associated with virtual workplace - software licenses, hardware, renting co-working, etc. 96.67% 620
Software licenses 100% 200
Equipment 93.33% 420