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Name Description Performance Value
Sales KPIs This Sales Scorecard is an example of the KPIs that can be used to measure sales performance, how to group them into 3 layers, and how to visualize a business context with a strategy map. Based on 26.46%
Layer 1 - Process-oriented lagging KPIs Process-oriented lagging KPIs help to monitor the performance 28.19% 19,903.05
Reach rate A conversion rate from initial request to an opportunity 0% 3
Pas rate A conversion rate from opportunity to meaningful conversation 0% 3.55
Conversation to lead conversion rate 0% 23.36
Qualified leads close rate While the idea of closed sale is clear, the concept of qualified lead is vague and is a subject of gaming from side of employees. 0% 35.36
Conversion rate to sales This indicator shows how good our sales rep is converting opportunities to sales. Together with benchmarking information this indicator can tell us a lot about the quality of the process and performance of a sales rep. 0% 0.01
Quantity of leads needed in sales funnel Knowing these rates we can calculate the number of leads/opportunities that we need to have initially to convert them into a certain number of sales. 159,145.12
Conversion to qualified leads Some managers like to measure a conversion rate to a qualified lead, but in most cases qualified lead is a vague concept that can be hardly formalized. Make sure you have a precise profile of a qualified lead. 0% 0.02
Average sales cycle time For example, if you know (you have some data that proofs this) that the highest chance to sell a product is within 15 days from an initial contact, then it might be a good idea to control this indicator and ask your employees to shrink the full sales cycle in 15 days. 0% 14
Layer 2 - Result-oriented leading KPIs Result-oriented leading KPIs help to plan a change 16.7% 39.98
Time to answer a prospect's query Queries from online prospects that were answered within an hour seven times likely generate a qualified lead. 0% 39.98
Layer 3 - KPIs to form a big picture KPIs to form a big picture of a sales process 34.5% 1,859.67
Total cost to gain a new customer This KPI will help to optimize the whole lead generation and conversion process. 0% 377.5
Revenue per sales rep This KPI together with historic benchmarks will tell how team members are performing. 0% 3,060
Customer lifetime value The same as above, it will help to come up with better marketing and sales strategy. 0% 3,936
Returning customers, % From the first look this metrics is more relevant to brand awareness, but this indicator will help to understand other metrics better as well. For example, it is obvious that all conversion rates will be higher for returning customers. 0% 65.2